Turbine  3D graphic library documentation project
part of XMage graphic library for Java

Turbine is a 3D engine component of an XMge graphic library for Java. On this site you can find Turbine tutorials. For downloads, more information, mailing list and forums please go to XMage page.

Turbine tutorials available:

  • Tutorial 1: Setting up XMage and GL4Java
    Explains how to set up XMage library and GL4Java library it uses for OpenGL rendering.

  • Tutorial 2: Your first Turbine application
    Basics of Turbine application: how to initialize the renderer and display a window.

  • Tutorial 3: Let there be texture
    Using textures with Turbine, loading images from disk and generating them in memory.

  • Tutorial 4: Let there be light
    How to use lightig in Turbine.

  • Tutorial 5: Camera...
    Types of cameras and how to use and set them.

  • Tutorial 6: ...and action!
    Animating objects with Turbine.

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